Top 5 commercial cleaning tips

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Making sure your commercial business is operating at peak performance is likely a top priority as a business owner. That means that taking care of your employees by cleaning appropriately is likely somewhere at the top of the list – especially if you are trying to effectively manage sick days for your employees. Here are our top five select tips for commercial businesses to make sure their cleaning routine is top notch!

#1 Schedule your cleaning

If you’re not using a scheduled facility cleaner like EcoSource for your commercial cleaning needs, then you should, at the least, be marking your calendar for when you should be conducting or delegating all of the cleaning to the appropriate person. Mark a calendar so you don’t forget. Even if you’re using a scheduled commercial business cleaner like EcoSource, you should still mark visits on your calendar so you’re aware of when cleaning occurs.

Pair your calendar with a cleaning checklist if you are doing it yourself for maximum efficiency.  EcoSource provides every customer with a detailed list of tasks that are completed each visit, weekly and monthly.

#2 Institute a clean-desk policy to make things easier

Whether you’re doing the cleaning or someone else is, many cleaning companies won’t mess around with personal items or other sensitive things on desktops and other surfaces. After all, an empty desk is much easier to clean and sanitize than one with stuff all over it. Ask employees the day of the clean to put all items away prior to cleaning to make life easier for everyone involved.

#3 Don’t forget common touch points

While most cleaners will clean and disinfect common touch points, they are not likely to clean nitty gritty things like computer mice and keyboards. These items can not only be very dirty and hide grime and grunge, they also may be shared between coworkers. Giving keyboards an occasional wipe with a sanitizing wipe or a cloth with rubbing alcohol on it should help keep down keyboard and mouse gunk.

#4 Remove trash

We’ve all seen it – the workplace where the employees aren’t taking out the trash. Overflowing trash bins can result in unsavory odors, clutter, mess, and at worst, rodent and insect problems. While it would be nice for your employees in your commercial business to take it upon themselves to empty the trash, don’t expect them to – take the initiative yourself and remove trash before it becomes a problem or hire a professional commercial cleaning service like EcoSource to handle it for you.

Time saving tip – Don’t forget to keep trash bags/liners beneath the current trash bag so you can easily pull a new one up into the can!

#5 Keep supplies accessible

Remember, if people don’t know where cleaning supplies are, they won’t clean themselves. If one employee caught another coughing and sneezing, they may feel more inclined to disinfect their workstation… But they can’t do that if they don’t know where cleaning supplies are. Make sure everyone knows where the cleaning supplies are, so anyone can clean up after a spill or otherwise.

We hope these 5 tips will help you maintain a cleaner environment for your commercial business in 2023! Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!

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