Dental & Orthodontic Clinics

A white, clean, bright dental office with a modern style dental chair

Operating a dental office, orthodontic clinic, or oral surgery practice comes with its own specific set of issues. Dental, orthodontic and oral surgery offices are held to the same high standards as medical offices, and with good reason. This means that cleaning for a dental office can be difficult, especially if you are environmentally conscious and want to employ a green cleaning regimen. At EcoSource, we offer a thorough clean with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly. We provide cleaning services with remarkable results – better than traditional methods – including disinfection services and more.

No matter how many offices or dental chairs you may have in your facility, and whether it’s a standalone dental clinic or inside an office building, we can help. Our cleaning services can be scaled to fit even the largest dental clinic or oral surgery practice, keeping in mind health and safety guidelines, CDC, OSHA, and AORN guidelines for a safe clean, as well as adhering to HIPAA guidelines to maintain patient privacy. 

We service:

  • Standalone dental, orthodontic and oral surgery offices
  • Dental, orthodontic and oral surgery clinics
  • Dental offices, orthodontic and oral surgery offices inside of office buildings and multi-business facilities
  • Emergency oral surgery and dental clinics

We provide a high level of attention to detail when working with dental professionals in their dental offices and facilities. We focus on:

  • Reducing potential cross-contamination
  • Reducing the risk of spread of COVID-19, flu, and other infectious diseases
  • Reducing the potential harm to employees and patients if they come in contact with cleaning agents

EcoSource is committed to providing you with a cost-effective, highly efficient green clean for the health of your dental business,  employees, and patients. Take advantage of our free site analysis for dental offices, orthodontic and oral surgery offices  today and take your first step towards a greener, better, healthier clean.

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