Think about the person or people you go to when you need advice. They are probably individuals you respect and admire for various reasons. 

It’s fair to say that if someone approaches you for professional consulting services, they must already trust and value your expertise.

If this is the case, you’ve made a strong first impression before even interacting with this potential consulting client. All you need to do is get them to sign a contract for your services and you’ll add another client to your roster.

Imagine, however, if this prospective client visits your consulting headquarters — whatever the size or location — and is met with an environment that doesn’t align with your stellar reputation. 

Whether an odd or unpleasing aroma, dust mites run wild, or a general look of filth or neglect, your business’ physical location is, in fact, a reflection of the business itself. 

Rather than risk a missed opportunity to sign another client or experience the awkward moment when they evaluate your space and look puzzled by its disheveled appearance, invest in commercial cleaning worthy of your brand’s name. 

Granted, commercial cleaning isn’t what it once was. Discerning consumers are increasingly concerned with green alternatives and solutions in support of the environment. 

The good news for you is that this consumer expectation for green commercial cleaning is a win-win. Your staff and clientele will benefit from a green commercial cleaning service, not only because it’s healthier (for the Earth and those living on it), but it’s ideal for anyone sensitive to certain chemicals or smells. 

EcoSource is committed to customer and staff safety and will make sure that your consulting headquarters is clean and welcoming for everyone.

Our green commercial cleaning services focus on:  

  • Elevators and escalators
  • Entryways, hallways, staircases, and vestibules
  • Conference rooms and other shared collaborative spaces
  • Shared and high-traffic spaces: cafeterias, kitchens, locker rooms, and restrooms 

Choosing green commercial cleaning solutions can strengthen your consulting business, while supporting your staff and clients, by protecting against potential exposure to disease-causing pathogens and bacteria. 

What does that look like to the naked eye

  • Spotless surfaces, completely clear of debris and spills, both of which can result in slip-and-fall injuries
  • Clean, dust-free, and allergen-free floors
  • A confident staff, protected from exposure to the health risks traditionally associated with chemical-based commercial cleaning products.

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