Stripping and Refinishing

Floors get dirty, and sometimes sweeping and mopping just don’t cut it. Just like in your home, every once in a while you need something a little more heavy duty to restore the luster of your flooring. EcoSource is proud to offer our floor stripping and refinishing services to our customers to help them show the beauty of their original floors hidden deep beneath years of dirt and grime.

Floor Stripping by EcoSource

Why stripping and refinishing?

One of the most popular types of commercial flooring is Vinyl composite tiles (VCT). VCT flooring when properly protected and maintained can last for decades. To protect VCT flooring after installation it should be finished with at least two coats of acrylic sealer and then topped with three or more coats of acrylic high gloss non-slip finish.

The acrylic finish and sealer provide a protective barrier against damage to the VCT from foot traffic, dirt and grit. If the VCT flooring is swept and mopped on a regular basis, then the period of time between refinishing may be extended. High Speed polishing of the finish can also restore the gloss and improve the appearance of the flooring. But eventually, the finish will become dulled and soils will become embedded, degrading the appearance of the floor. At this point in time, floor stripping and refinishing is recommended.

Floor Stripping & Refinishing Before and After

How we provide a green floor stripping and refinishing

Prior to stripping and refinishing, the area will be cleared of all furnishings followed by a detailed vacuuming (or sweeping) to remove surface contaminants. A stripping solution will then be applied to emulsify the old, soiled finish, and corners and edges must be scraped. A wet vac is typically used to pick up the slurry of floor stripping solution and old finish. 

The floor, now free of all soils and old finish should be rinsed with a neutralizing agent as this will ensure proper adhesion of the new sealer. Once the floor is completely dry, floor sealer may be applied allowing the required amount of dry time between coats.  After the sealer has dried thoroughly, the high gloss non-slip finish may be applied, again, allowing the proper amount of dry time between coats. Allow the floor to dry completely, per the finish manufacturer’s recommendations prior to placing heavy objects or furnishings on the flooring. 

If your floor has lost its shine, we can help! We’re happy to provide floor stripping and refinishing services to new and existing customers. Contact us today for your free site analysis today.

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